By: JOE BRANDER

Whether your 1st or your last, pregnancy is an amazing time in your life.

I will treat you with the greatest attention and care. As the father to one miracle little boy myself, (that did not come easy), I am sensitive to your needs during a maternity photo session. 

Timing it right: The prime time to photograph your pregnancy is around 34 weeks (28 weeks if you are expecting twins). This way you may still be somewhat comfortable and still in love with being pregnant. 

Family affair: Maternity sessions are for yourself AND your partner. I am amazed when people contact me and tell me they have previously been told "no other people in session". Well, it "takes two to tango" so to speak, so it is only natural for both parties to be involved in the photos. The baby's siblings are welcome in a photo as well, however the focus is on the expectant mother. 

Comfort: I think the absolute MOST important thing during a maternity photo shoot is that you feel beautiful. You are growing a LIFE in there! The creation of life truly is amazing, and when you put your hands on your belly and connect with him/her….the smile and the twinkle in your eyes are all I need to get the perfect shot. 

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